Creamy Beef and Shells and HAMBURGER SOUP


1- Creamy Beef and Shells

1 – Creamy Beef and Shells

A quick and easy ground beef recipe, this is a pasta dish that will be on your dinner table all week long! So creamy and so comforting!

I cannot even begin to tell you how much of this pasta I ate on probably 13 different occasions. Well, first, I should tell you that no plating of any kind was involved here .

Nope. This is clearly a straight-out-of-the-skillet type dinner. Just grab your fork and dig right in. All that cream sauce. All that pasta, just collecting that creaminess. And the perfectly crumbled ground beef, again, soaking up every last drop of that creamy, heavenly goodness.

Ugh, I can’t even talk about this anymore because now I need to make this for dinner. Again. For the 14th time.
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