Instant Pot Easy Chicken Wings (BBQ or Buffalo Style)


Instant Pot Easy Chicken Wings {BBQ or Buffalo Style}

Instant Pot Easy Chicken Wings :

Dear friend, these Chicken Wings from your Instant Pot or pressure cooker just might become your go-to, last-minute appetizer recipe. Ten minutes cooking time, 30 minutes start to finish!

I sampled a few recipes for IP BBQ wings and most just dump wings, sauce, and water in the pressure cooker and go. That works for “okay” wings, but stick with me and do just two extra super easy steps that I recommend and your wings are sure to be the hit of any get together.

I sprinkle Cajun Spice Mix on the wings and cook before placing in the Instant Pot and save the sauce for when you’re broiling them in the oven. A nice combination is to use barbecue sauce, hot sauce , and melted butter.

A must-do task I recommend for every chicken wing recipe I make is take the time to trim a lot of the skin off the chicken. This makes a healthier meal and tasting the sauce on the meat is even better.
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